Oahu Whale Watching

If you are interested in whale watching in Hawaii, the island is Oahu to go Whale Watching.  You’ll find the best Oahu Whale Watching Tours at a discounted price.  During the Whale watching season, Hawaii Whale Watching Tours are very popular.  The whales are amazing to view.  Reserve your spot today and have your camera ready to take picture of this marvelous experience seeing the Oahu Humpback Whales.  For the best deal on your activity while on your visit in Hawaii go to Oahu Whale Watching to get your discounts.

From the safety and comfort of catamarans through Oahu Whale Watching, the sightings of the Humpback Whales are some of the most magical in Hawaii.  Select your tour through Oahu Whale Watching to decide on which Oahu Tours better suites your needs.  Save today on the trip of a lifetime.

You will see the Oahu Humpback Whales up close on the world-renowned Whale Watching tours, known for their luxury, elegance, and comfort.  This is a rare opportunity and an unforgettable experience to see the whales in Hawaii.  For your best and most affordable whale watching trip add Oahu Whale Watching to your agenda.

There are four Oahu tours to choose from that has the best views of the Oahu Humpback Whales.  Any of the choices will be delightful. 

There will be a five course feast offered by The Star of Honolulu.  Complimentary champagne and cocktails will be available to make your whale watching experience romantic and a memorable occasion.  The evening livens up on the catamaran when the candles are lit for dinner and dancing to a live band will follow. 

The expedition will be narrated by naturalists as guest will look around the horizon for sea turtles, spinner dolphins, tropical birds and surely the humpback whales.  The Starlet caters to the inner Eco-Adventurer in each guest.  You are guaranteed to see a whale sighting with the Starlet.  If for some reason a whale isn’t spotted you’ll receive a free ride until you do, called a “whale” check.

There is plenty of room on the Navatek to ensure spacious room and window space to view the whales.  There are plenty of chairs available and deck space on this 140 ft. boat.  The Navatek is the only boat that goes around Diamond Head.  You will get spectacular views of Hawaii Kai, Koko Head and the multi-million dollar Kahala Gold Coast.  If you like to ride in luxury the Navatek is the best choice.  There are options to tour the complex technology behind whale searching yourself or listen to the naturalist narrate the tour.

The most whale sightings than any other Oahu location is the North Shore.  You will be comfortable and satisfied as you cruise the coastline in the 40 ft. catamaran owned by North Shore Catamaran.  Over 700 logged humpback whales have been season in this past season alone.  North Shore Catamarans captain will explain the history behind Oahu as he points out the whales for you.  It is sure to be quite enjoyable. 

Oahu Whale Watching will give you the best guarantee on your whale watching tour for the best time and the best prices.  If you have a special occasion or a family affair give us a call.

Bring your camera or camcorder or binoculars to record your memories of your whale watching tour.  The Hawaiian environment is serene and we are all asked by the shipping charters who sponsor the Oahu Whale Tours to respect the surroundings with keeping the noise to a minimum.  Oahu Tours are common, but spotting a humpback whale is less common so be patient.  It’s an adventure and Oahu Whale Watching will make it a trip to remember.  See what one of the most popular thing to do in Hawaii is all about.


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